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Gutzmer Receives Wetland Certification

Halloween Marks 5th Anniversary of Black-footed Ferret Discovery on Standing Rock Indian Reservation

Let New Century Environmental support you with:

  • FERC re-licensing challenges and compliance.
  • Production Tax Credits application and wind farm permitting.
  • Climate change vulnerability assessment, planning, and preparation.
  • Wetlands conservation and mitigation compliance.
  • Threatened & endangered species assessment and compliance.
  • Habitat restoration and development.
  • Fish and wildlife management.
  • Water quality assessment and management. 
  • Natural resources and environmental management.  
  • Conservation for future generations.  

The US Congress passed a government spending and tax package that includes a five-year extension of renewable energy incentives and president Barack Obama promptly signed the bill into law.

Democrats agreed to end a 40-year ban on crude oil exports in exchange for Republican support for wind and solar power tax credits, among other concessions.

The $650bn tax bill renews around 50 business and individual tax breaks that have expired or are about to lapse, including a five-year extension for production and investment tax credits.

The multi-year extension gives renewable energy developers the predictability needed to plan and build new projects, said Pattern Energy CEO Mike Garland, who is also chairman of the American Wind Energy Association.

“Pattern will be expanding its project development for the coming year because of the PTC extension,” said Garland.

“Having PTCs for five years will allow us to make more supply commitments and build more projects, creating more jobs. It also allows us to work with the turbine vendors to lower the cost of our projects and minimize the economic impact of phasing down of the credits.”

The incentives are extended for 2015 and 2016, and continue at 80% of present value in 2017, 60% in 2018, and 40% in 2019. Wind projects will qualify as long as they start construction before the end of the period.

The PTC pays 2.3 cents/kWh during the first 10 years of wind farm operation and the ITC is worth up to 30% of the costs of developing and building wind projects. Click here to read more



Taking orders now!

Michael P. Gutzmer of New Century Environmental LLC, Columbus Nebraska recently announced a printing period for a layman’s field manual that could be attractive to nature enthusiasts, farmers, ranchers, hunters, fisherman, river rats, science students, botanists, gardeners, environmental scientists, wetland delineators, consultants and those that want to know more about the outdoors and some Platte County Nebraska natural history.   Plants of Platte County Nebraska Wetlands will be printed locally and sells for $49.95.  

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Corporate Overview


Corporate Overview

New Century Environmental LLC (NCE) is a leading environmental consulting firm that provides a unique blend of scientific, technical, and field expertise for clients that need environmental science and natural resource management support throughout the United States. 

We have a flexible staff that works out of offices in Nebraska, Colorado and South Dakota.  Collectively, we have over 300 years of wildlife and natural resource management experience and manage over 3.5 million acres of land in five states.  Resources managed include:

  • 750 riverine (river & stream) miles
  • Over 1000 palustrine (emergent) wetlands
  • 35 lakes
  • 140,000 acres of forest land
  • 1.75 M acres of grassland

We continually expand and upgrade our services and techniques to provide clients with the best possible bang for the buck.  Currently, we are implementing diverse, innovative, and economical acoustic and camera surveillance techniques to new areas of wildlife and environmental management. 

Since 2007, we have secured more than $4,000,000 for grant-funded projects for our clients. 

Corporate Capabilities

  • FERC Re-licensing support
  • Wind Farm Environmental Compliance
  • Aquatic Inventory & Assessment
  • Climate Change Assessment and Preparation
  • Threatened & Endangered Species & Habitat Assessments
  • Botanical Inventories, Wetland Assessment & Mitigation, Habitat Development
  • Wildlife Management of Significant Revenue Species of Concern
  • Pollution Impacts & Human Infrastructure Development Permitting
  • Long Term Sustainability of all flora and fauna species relevant on client parcel ownership
  • Expert witness support in areas of natural resource litigation



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