Environmental compliance and stewardship made cost effective and to achieve complete customer satisfaction with every project undertaken

New Century Environmental, LLC (NCE, LLC) is a professional environmental firm poised to meet the environmental challenges of the 21st Century for the energy, industry and agricultural business sectors of society. The company was formed in 2007 with a broad range of professional environmental services and support.   We are supported with professional biologists, ecologists, geologists and environmental engineers, who collectively assess and manage a variety of compliance and natural resources issues. The firm has a collective network of retired state and federal employees, former electric company personnel, university professors, zoologists and professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds that bring decades of world and national experience to all our projects.  

We manage each environmental challenge independently; based on our clients' objectives for compliance, permitting, recreation, habitat development, impact assessment and aesthetics and find the most qualified team to do so. We approach each project by considering existing resource conditions, client expectations and budget restrictions. This allows us to formulate and implement cost effective resource management plans, thereby providing our clients with optimal results. 

Clients include power companies, railroads,wind farm companies, manufacturing companies with environmental permits, Indian tribes, fishing and hunting clubs, golf courses, city municipalities, state fish and wildlife agencies, homeowner and lake associations, real estate agencies, private ranches, farms and resorts. New Century Environmental offers a full array of services and products to enhance environmental compliance, resource management and safety on a long term, cost effective basis.

Michael Gutzmer has provided environmental insight and support to dozens of clients since the early 90’s and has been helping people who have owned or managed industrial, commercial and recreational properties since 1984.   New Century Environmental will provide environmental compliance permitting assistance of all types, Greenfield permitting, alternative route support studies and site assessment for a diverse client base and has in depth experience in dealing with complex environmental challenges.  Extensive support for combined operating license permitting, NRC, FERC, NEPA and many state programs are being pursued.  

Challenges with new site permitting, old site retrofits, remediation site assessments, carbon credits accounting, and sequestration and how eco-assets can provide mitigation and property value enhancement are niche expertise abilities of our firm.   NCE has developed unique habitat evaluation approaches that are scientifically sound and cost effective for immediate application.  

Site impact analysis of altered properties will accompany any environmental survey and assessment.   NCE is highly proficient is providing short and long term guidance in sites that require clean up and/or restoration.    NCE will help support property resale opportunities in a cost effective manner and streamline regulatory concerns along the way.   
Also provided are a multitude of environmental services related to grant writing, waste minimization, pollution sampling, permit compliance, new construction permitting, property development, environmental impact analysis and assessment, waste remediation, environmental auditing, route selection and virtually every aspect of water resource and terrestrial mapping, inventory and analysis is available.  Uses for lake maps include boating and fishing, sedimentation monitoring, aquatic weed control, fisheries management, habitat development, land use planning, construction and excavation, lake safety and renovation.

NCE, LLC will also offer complete fishery and lake management services, including fisheries management and stocking, fish habitat improvement, lake aeration system design and installation, water quality evaluation and management, algae and weed control, and shoreline development and protection.  Its terrestrial division provides wetland consultation, land mapping, food plot design and construction, and big game management services.




 Clean Water Act (CWA), National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), and Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), and Threatened and Endangered Species (TES) surveys and Section 7 and 10 Endangered Species Act (ESA) Consultation



 Wetland Investigations, Compliance, Sensitive Flora Surveys




Support Services

  • Complete Biological Laboratory Services Data Analysis, Review and Verification
  • Biostatistical Analyses Geospatial Services
  • Critical Literature Review Technical Report Preparation and Review
  • Training and Consultation Expert Witness Testimony








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