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Taking orders now!
Michael P. Gutzmer of New Century Environmental LLC, Columbus Nebraska recently announced a printing period for a layman’s field manual that could be attractive to nature enthusiasts, farmers, ranchers, hunters, fisherman, river rats, science students, botanists, gardeners, environmental scientists, wetland delineators, consultants and those that want to know more about the outdoors and some Platte County Nebraska natural history.   Plants of Platte County Nebraska Wetlands will be printed locally and sells for $49.95.

This book is a must own if you love nature and history, especially of the Columbus, Platte County area.  It also describes the author’s personal connection to nature and shares with others his experiences in Platte County wetlands. 

The beautifully illustrated book features over 200 wetland and upland plants found near rivers and streams in Nebraska (mostly Platte County) and overviews plant collecting on the Platte River starting with Lewis & Clark and ends with modern day plant distribution in Platte County in the early 21st century by the author.  Easy descriptions, historical use by Native Americans and pioneers, and wetland designations are a few of the benefits of this compilation.    Included as well is a 2008 Transactions of the Nebraska Academy of Sciences publication summarizing the most up to date flora list for Platte County.

Orders are being taken now through June 1st 2012.  Please call 402.562.9155 or fill out form below. 

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