New Century Environmental

NCE employees conducting a FERC recreation survey for HDR Engineering and Loup Power District on the Loup Power Canal at Genoa Nebraska. 

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  • NCE sees an increase in wetland delineations, and T & E work and mitigation plans on the horizon for 2014-2015 in Nebraska, South Dakota, Colorado, Wyoming and Montana. Principal Gutzmer is a Technical Service Provider for the Natural Resource Conservation Service in those states specializing in wetland mitigation, fisheries and wildlife and support assistance. 
  • Eco-assets project applications are increasing in scope, nationally and globally and NCE LLC newly developed environmental assessment protocols are state of the art and have been pilot tested and implemented with great success. 
  • NCE seeks teaming agreements with other firms for 2012 and beyond. MORE…NCE is actively seeking teaming agreements and collaborations with other environmental consulting firms entities to expand the company’ breath of services and opportunities and to cooperatively assist others on a wide range of projects
  • NCE is updating NEPA certification materials in 2014 - 2016 for Nebraska Department of Roads AND other state agencies in the Great Plains.