Property Development Services

  • Eco-asset Baseline Evaluations (EBE) for all property parcels
  • Comprehensive Property Asset Mapping  
  • Cutural/historical and medicinal and rare plant surveys
  • Botanical and upland survey
  • Habitat Assessment and Population Surveys
  • Consultation for and Development of Environmental Educational Facilities
  • Road, Trail and Bridge Design, permit assistance and construction
  • Design and Construction of Wildlife and Hunting Platforms
  • Design and Construction of Handicap Accessible Facilities
  • Design and Development of Wildlife Escape and Funnel areas
  • Design and Construction of Hunting Blinds and Stands
  • Integrated Livestock Management- Wildlife Conservation Plans
  • Wildlife Food Plot Design and Implementation
  • Installation and Maintenance of Supplemental Wildlife Feeders
  • Development of Volunteer Wildlife Observation and Hunting Report Systems
  • Small Pond Management
  • Herpetofauna Investigations
  • Threatened and Endangered Species Investigations
  • Habitat Conservation Plans (HCPs) under ESA Natural Resource Management Planning
  • Small Mammal Inventories
  • Waterfowl Studies
  • Upland Wildlife Investigations
  • Big Game Inventories
  • Cultural/Historical surveys of project area








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